Worthy text layouts

For class we were to find three different types of type faces and explain whether or not we liked them.


I like the phrase that was used. I also like how it incorporates some small text and some large text. What I don’t like about this is that it is hard to read. I don’t like that the bubbles of certain letters like the B and the O are colored in. It makes the text harder to read.


I was looking at the one that is set up like Vegas signs. I like that it gives a Vegas and/or circus theme. It’s very vibrant and colorful. I think its pretty straight forward and it’s not hard to read. The text leads my eyes down the page.  The only thing I  don’t like about it would be the folded letters that make up the word people.


This is like a slide show of fonts and I was looking at the second one that starts “drawing without a trace.” I’m not sure I really like anything about this one. Instead I think this one needs some work. I don’t like the kerning. Some of the words are way to close together and others are not close enough. I also don’t like the thin font. It would be nice to read it rather than guess what it says.


About mharvey128

I am a sophomore Journalism major at Franklin College.

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